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Product Review: Walker's Rope Hearing Enhancer w Bluetooth (GWP-RPHE-BT)

Updated: May 26, 2022

Always on the lookout for better ears. I think I was unlucky with this headset. Based on the reviews of others, it's a hit and miss- probably due to the non-standard shape of the human ear.

First Off: At the time of the purchase, these were about $75 and offer a dB rating of ... not listed. They have a similar model that shows 29 dB .. so we know they know the should post it... Let's call it a marketing oversight.

[EDIT - I'm removing my review in light of learning a 'technique' to better insert these into the ear... One review had my experience (incomplete sound seal) and Walker assisted with providing a technique of pulling/lifting the ear while inserting... and I'm more than happy to Try Again. Will return after.] {nod to James Anderson, Vine Voice}

[OK, Updating review.] Yes, the lift ear, pull back, push in deeper worked and made a seal to block all outside sound. Having said that, I must acknowledge that I'm a fan of 'sit in the ear' pods by Apple, and not the other stick-in-your-ear types, of which these belong. Once inserted thus, a touch of the connecting cord behind or in front of you neck sound like a loud scrape.. turning my head results in the added sound of the amplified cord touching... which I find distracting. In a quiet environment, this would be unacceptable..but once your in a loud environment- this becomes moot. ;) In the midst of activity, if an urgent call does come in, you can take it with a touch of a button. This is a potential game-changer, as you normally can't safely remove your hear protection to take call in any range environment. (or just run for the door!). I will change my conclusion on the Walker's Rope, as it now has a place in my equipment bag.

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