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 (fôr-nŏl′ĭj, fôr′nŏl′-)


Knowledge or awareness of something before its existence or occurrence; prescience.

For those of you A+ students out there that want to get ahead of the class.  We've compiled some Essential elements of your training that you can learn be·fore you get to class.

1 AlienGear4Rules_edited.jpg


The 4 Safety Rules

These are simple, yet following them would prevent 100%* of accidental injures with firearms.

1) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

2) Finger Off trigger until your sights are On target.

3) Never point the gun at something you Don't want to Destroy

4) Always be sure of your target and everything around it.

Great Graphic: Hat tip and link to AlienGear Holsters.

*Rounded up from 99.9%, as there's at least one exception.


NRA's 3 Safety Rules

Dear students, sorry for the overlap here... But as much as teachers differ, so do their objectives.  When in doubt, follow all of these rules... but on tests, know which  goes where. 

Hint: this is on NRA Certification test.



"Here's an empty pistol."

Sorry, no. It's a hard and fast rule that we check it ourselves. Every Time. People make mistakes. For a semi-automatic pistol:  First, remove the magazine. Second, lock the slide back and then verify it's actually empty. We'll practice this on several different firearms.


"Does this fit?"

This would be 'What not to say" when loading your firearm.  The caliber number (.40 pictured here) should match everywhere: On the barrel/frame of the gun, on the box of ammo, and on the casing itself. (+1 if you include the firearm instruction manual)



"Which is my dominant eye?"

We all know our dominant hand, maybe our foot, but to find the eye your brain wants to use, do the following:  extend your arms, bringing your hands together so you can focus on a distant object through the small hole formed between your hands, just over the thumbs. Keep focused on that distant object and pull your hands back... revealing which eye is your dominant. (see picture at right)

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