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About Us & Our Mission

We all come from different walks of life. Some have grown up with firearms, others have not. Some will see them as tools for defense or hunting or sport, or simply all three.  Our mission is to help anyone who wants an introduction, who needs a place to start .  Whether it's a first time experience, or it's been too long to remember,  having a firearm in your hand can be an intimidating experience.

We know that education and experience can overcome this initial response- and give you a feeling of calm appreciation.  Apex Tactical Training is not going to go any faster than your personal comfort.  Our ultimate goal is to bring you to the point where you know that you can safely use, handle, and store your firearm.  Using a firearm encompasses many aspects that literally surround the gun 100% of the time. If you are new to firearms, you may actually be at advantage... you'll have no bad habits to break!

There's nothing more rewarding for a firearms instructor to see than a student transform into respecter of firearms.  There is not a destination, their is a path of greater effectiveness and consistency.  We will recommend many outside sources for your continued training, should you seek expertise in close quarter combat (CQC), three-gun competitions, CCW qualification, and more.

Many are surprised to learn that- whatever their initial goal was for learning, they enjoy the experience and even go so far as to call it fun.  We do. And we look forward to meeting you. 

Peace to All
-Team Apex

Secondary Mission

We are a proud supporter of The National Firearms Industry Trade Association and their Project ChildSafe initiative.


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