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Product Review: Howard Leight Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff

While I can attest to quality and utility of these electronic earmuffs, I must acknowledge that a ton of visually identical units are out there now- with a great many improvements. I have a pair of these used for instructor and student that, four years later, continue to work as long at the AAA batteries remain alive. Strangely, they remain at about a $30-40 price point.

By today's standards, these are budget-friendly, but offer only a 22 dB sound reduction. We usually find this sufficient for outdoor small groups- and indoor for the hardy. The comfort is good and the sound amplification is ideal for conversing in a loud environment... like a shooting range. Newer models by a variety of manufacturers feature Bluetooth connectivity so you can interact with your phone. This is not necessarily desired during our class instruction... but feel free to explore such functionality right after. NOTE: a true happy medium can be achieved by using these with full sound amplification.. and a pair of the disposable foam plugs worn in the ears.

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