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Apex Introduction to Pistol (AP1)

Personalized Handgun Training, Individual to Small Group

  • 4 hours
  • 199 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

APEX TACTICAL TRAINING was created for the purpose of offering this class. Designed for those who are unknowledgeable or uncomfortable with the pistol, this class will create a safe and effective learning environment. At course graduation, the new shooter will have experience with several firearms, along with training to fire confidently and with control. Of equal importance is the knowledge of Firearm safety, proper storage, and the legal, defensive use of a firearm in the state of California. Successful completion includes Apex Tactical Training Certificate for Basic Pistol. Duration: 4 Hours (3hrs Classroom, dry fire training + 1hr Range, live fire training) Time is approximate based on students/instructor schedule and choice of range AND traffic. Included: Handguns and ammo are provided, at least three calibers. Eyes and Ear protection are included. Choices include revolvers and semi-automatic, from the small .22LR to the 9mm Glock to the “1911” style .45ACP. Student’s choice. Required: Valid CA Driver’s license Optional: Your own pistol With prior arrangement, you can bring your own handgun(s). The Apex instructor must inspect student-brought firearms and ammo prior to use in the class. Whether learning before buying your first pistol or gaining mastery over one you own, this course is aimed at getting you on your way to your best. We consider this a solid first step. After completion of this course, consider booking additional range time for more training and experience. You may be surprised at the enjoyment of putting little holes in paper.

Contact Details

  • (949) 336-2239‬

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